Snow village
Zuka (ズカ) is a bloodline user from the Snow Village who can tame animals and uses Thunder Ninjutsu. He first appears in the third part of the Chunin Exam along with his pet lion (formerly a dog) as the third opponent. He uses combinations with his lion to form powerful attacks. He's a nice boy overall but very strong minded.

He also appears in the Grade B Mission "Zuka's Request" as Zuka has a request for the main character.

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Grade B Missions


  • (Double swipe): Deals 50 damage twice.
  • Human Combo: Deals 30 damage 3 times.
  • Human Transform Tactic: Deals 50 damage twice.
  • Dual Lightning Spinning Dash: Deals 160 damage.



  • Zuka's previous appearance and well as his former pet dog are based on Kiba Inuzuka's and Akamaru's appearance from Naruto.
  • Even though his pet changed from a dog to a lion, the texts in missions relating to Zuka still have "dog" in the quotes instead of "lion." This has not been fixed yet.
  • His name was possibly taken from Kiba's last name "Inuzuka" by removing the "Inu" from "Zuka" thus naming him Zuka.

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