Please note that this is an article on the world boss Yukidaruma, if you are looking for the article on the pet then you should head to Yukidaruma.
Yukidaruma (World Boss)
Yukidaruma is summoned by a group of outlawed ninja and it has only one purpose: To steal presents from Santa Claus. Can you stop it?

Yukidaruma is a Christmas 2011 world boss that is an angry snowman that can be challenged in just about any reward set of Santa Claus's Quest that Yukidaruma can be challenged in. Its level is the same as the character's level.


  • Level: Same as character's level
  • HP: 4,000 (at level 80)
  • CP: 4,100 (at level 80)
  • Agility: ???

Possible Rewards

1000 XP, 1000 Gold


  • White Storm!: Fires a snowstorm at all the targets. Deals major damage to all enemies if the attack hits the main player. (Used only on Chunin and above.)
  • Frozen Strike!: Creates an icy spike from the ground that creates a snowstorm. Deals damage and inflict Stun for 2 turns.
  • Dumpling Snowballs!: Rolls into a giant snowball and bounce on the target multiple times. Deals damage and inflict Frozen. (Used only on Chunin and above.)
  • Rage of Yukidaruma: Cast Strengthen for 5 turns. (Used only on Chunin and above.)
  • Yukidaruma Attack!: Creates a clone and both the original and clone roll into a snow ball and attack target. Deals damage and Inflict Bleeding for 3 turns. (Used only on Chunin and above.)
  • (Regular headbutt): Deals damage.
  • Headbutt!: Throws head at target. Deals damage. (Used only on Chunin and above.)
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