"The one who's behind everything!"
Yosuzume is a Rank S world boss in the Hunting House that appears during the Kari Gumi Vs Egg Hunting Bosses event. This world boss can only be battled by players who have defeated, or paid to skip, Kari Mori, Shi To, and Soft Claw.

Yosuzume utilizes Swift Release techniques and she can use the Hidden Silhouette talent. She also has Zen, her pet.


  • Level: Anywhere between ±5 from character's level
  • HP: ~27,500 (at level 80)
  • CP: ~27,500 (at level 80)
  • Agility: ???

Possible rewards

  • Level 15-25: 1,200 Gold, 1,550 XP
  • Level 75-85: 3,600 Gold, 4,550 XP




  • (Quick-multiple punches): Deals damage.
  • Secret Silhouette: Prison: Deals damage and inflict Stun.
  • Secret Silhouette: Extinguish: Restrict and stab target with shadow spears. Deals damage and inflict Restriction.
  • Secret Swift: Flying Swift Strike: Rapidly attacks all players at high velocity. Deals damage to all players if the attack hits the main player and inflict Fear (Weaken) for 2 turns. (Used after losing a quarter amount of HP.)
  • Secret Swift: Swift Fist: Rapidly punches at high speed. Deal damage and inflict Internal Injury. (Used after losing a quarter amount of HP.)
  • Tiger Fist: A punch that creates a tiger image. Deal damage and inflict Inertia but Numb takes effect instead, decreasing the target's Dodge Chance by 40% for 4 turns.

Zen's attacks

  • Rage: Becomes angry. Casts Frenzy.
  • Zetsu: Smoky Ansatsu: Creates a smoke on the screen that darkens the screen every 2 seconds, blocking the player's view.


See also


  • Ansatsu in Zen's Zetsu: Smoky Ansatsu is Japanese for "assassination".
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