Vadar unmasked

Vadar unmasked.

The Force of Yami

Vadar and The Force of Yami

is an S-rank ninja who is the master mind behind the war in the Special Jounin Campaign and who created the group called "Yami." He is the cousin of Kage Yudai, Ken, Aiko, and step-cousin of Anaki but he really hates Yudai. He can produce large chakra attacks and Time-Space Ninjutsu. He first appears in Stage 1-2: Unpredicted Attack of the Special Jounin Campaign as the master of Genan.

He later appears in Stage 3-2: Call For Backup along with the Butterfly Sage and attacked the Sensor Division from behind.


Vadar wearing his mask.

In Stage 5-1: Medical Division, it is revealed by Yudai that he is Yudai's cousin and Vadar was more talented than Yudai at everything and that Vadar's dream was to become Hokage of the Fire Village. However, Vadar was not allowed to become a Hokage since he was living in the branch family of their clan.

After the Jounin Exam when Kojima attacked the Fire Village, Vadar was learning a skill by his clan called Kinjutsu: Spirit Integration and then he left the village, seeking revenge against Yudai and the village, and plan on recreating the village as his dream village.

When Yudai encounters Vadar, Vadar told Yudai that he plans on killing Yudai, destroying the Fire Village and recreating the village, so he summoned a Bull Mask using Kinjutsu: Spirit Integration.

Yadar vs Yudai

Vadar in a duel with his cousin Yudai.

After the Bull Mask failed, in Stage 6-2: Kage vs Kage, Vadar and Yudai fights but were interfered by the main character and the five division captains. The main character then battles Vadar and manages to survive the fight.


  • Level: 60
  • HP: 183,000
  • CP: 100,000
  • Agility: ???
  • Reactive Force: ??%


  • Shigan
    • Damage: 500
    • Cooldown: 0
    • Description: Creates dark fire from the ground.
  • Spirit Strike
    • Damage: ???
    • Cooldown: ?
    • Effect: Used after losing a fifth amount of health.
    • Description: A quick, dark punch.
  • Hishinryu: Flash Break
    • Damage: ???
    • Cooldown: ?
    • Effect: Deals damage to all enemies if the attack hits the main player. Used after losing a quarter amount of health.
    • Description: Jumps in the air, shooting dark fire.
  • Hishinryu: Flash Assassinate
    • Damage: ???
    • Cooldown: ?
    • Effect: Used after losing three-quarters amount of health.
    • Description: Jumps in the air, create a ball of darkness on a target.
  • Hishinryu: Flash Combo
    • Damage: 2,000
    • Cooldown: ?
    • Description: Swiftly attacks the target back and forth.

Non-combat skills

  • Kinjutsu: Spirit Integration: Vadar used this to summon the Bull Mask.
  • Spirit Unity: Vadar used this to use a put up a beast-like, darkness aura around him.


  • Vadar in silhouette.
  • Vadar wearing his mask.
  • Vadar not wearing his mask.
  • Vadar facing his cousin, Yudai.
  • Vadar growing power from Spirit Unity.
  • Vadar in beast mode from Spirit Unity.

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  • The appearance of the aura that surrounds Vadar after using Spirit Unity is very similar to the aura that of a Jinchuriki's chakra from a Biju in Naruto.
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