Unnamed Black Ops
The Unnamed Black Ops unit is a recurring character in Ninja Saga who is a member of the Black Ops who serves under Cyowusuke, the leader of the Black Ops. The main character usually helps this member of the Black Ops on missions.

He first appears at the end of the Grade C Mission "Confidential Document", in which received a confidential letter that the main character sent to him from Yudai.

This Black Ops guy made his second appearance in the Grade C Mission "Find the Antidote" where he and his men were poisoned outside of the village and needed an antidote.

In the Special Event mission "Protect the Messenger", this Black Ops member was a messenger sent by Yudai to get the Village Scroll but was attacked by three Red Bandit Ninjas. After the ninjas were defeated by the main character, the Black Ops member sent other members to investiage.

In the Daily Missions "BlackOps' Meals", Yuna made food for the Black Ops and had the main character to deliver it to them.

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