Ukita Hotaru
Ukita Hotaru (宇喜多 螢 : U-ki-ta Hotaru) is the captain of the Medical Division, a group of medic ninjas. She first appears in Stage 5-1 of the Special Jounin Campaign. She is a smart medic ninja who has a unique medic skill which impressed Kage Yudai and the previous Medical Division captain and she can use Dark Eye and Icy Crystal talents.[1][2]

During Stage 5-1 of the Special Jounin Campaign, there weren't enough medic ninja to heal everyone in the village so Yudai sent the main character to Ukita to help her heal all of the injured patients.

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  • Ukita's name has not been revealed directly in Ninja Saga but her name is revealed on the Ninja Saga Official Forums.[1]
  • Ukita makes a cameo in the iOS version of Ninja Saga. She, well as Yudai and Vadar, appears on a wallpaper in the player's Home in the living room area.


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