Tutorial - Rewards
Type Special Event
Level 1
Emblem? No



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This is the first mission every player does after creating a new Ninja Saga character. The Tutorial is the player's Genin Exam to graduate the Academy and become a Genin.


Playing through the tutorial and complete quick battles.


1 Battle, 3 Rounds each

  • Training Dummy Round 1 - Learn to normal attack. (Can only normal attack)
  • Training Dummy Round 2 - Learn your first skill and learn to charge. (Can only use jutsu and charge)
    • Training Dummy (Lv. 1)
  • Training Dummy Round 3 (Field: Dojo) - Run away to complete mission. (Can only run away)
    • Training Dummy (Lv. 1)

Possible Rewards

  • Kunai (Weapon) - Obtained before Round 1.
  • A Ninjutsu element - Obtained before Round 2.
  • Genin (Rank)
  • Chakra Scroll (Lv1)
  • Healing Scroll (Lv1)
  • Smoke Bomb


These are unedited quotes. These quotes are wrote exactly as they say in game.


  • Shin: "[Character Name]! Tomorrow will be your final exam in the Academy. If you want to pass the exam, you need to learn the basics first."
  • Shin: There are many different kinds of tools and weapons used by Ninjas.Here! Take this Kunai! Practice your normal attack using this weapon.

After Round 1

  • Shin: "Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu are the first three kinds of Jutsus" an apprentice like you can learn. As you improve your skills, you will learn the other techniques."
  • Shin: "Which type of Ninjutsu do you want to learn?"
  • Shin: " To be able to use a skill, you need to have enough amount of Chakra. It's a good practice to charge your Chakra most of the time."


  • Shin: "Congratulations! You passed the Academy Test.You did great! That was your actual academy exam.You're now promoted to Genin."


  • Round 1 of the Tutorial
  • Round 2 of the Tutorial - Telling you to use your jutsu.
  • Round 2 of the Tutorial - Telling you to Charge your CP.
  • Round 3 of the Tutorial - Run away to complete mission.
  • A quote after Round 1 of the Tutorial where the player can select their primary Ninjutsu element.


Ninja Saga Opening

Ninja Saga Opening

The old animation after completing the Tutorial.


  • The background music in the Tutorial mission is the theme song of Ninja Mind, an iOS game developed by Emagist Entertainment Limited.
  • There were many literal errors in the character quotes but some of them have been fixed.
  • This is the only mission that is impossible to fail. The previous mission for Hardworking Student isn't impossible to fail as the player could use Kinjutsu: Kiss of Serpent on the Training Dummy and use Taijutsu.
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