Tokens (or Saga Tokens) are a form of in-game virtual currency that players can use to purchase premium or token items at the Shop, Pet Shop, or Style Shop.

Tokens can also be used to or to pay to learn types of jutsu that are Kinjutsu as well as some Extreme Talents, and Secret Talents. They can also be used to earn prizes during events.

They can be obtained from friends sharing tokens, doing the Daily Lucky Draw (although the draw rarely lands on one of them), completing offers and surveys, and purchasing them with Facebook Credits, a credit card or using Paypal. If someone planning to buy some tokens, the person must buy with the payment service.

Tokens can be exchanged for Talent Points under the Talent tab after obtaining a talent with the rank of Jounin (20 Tokens = 10 TP, 100 Tokens = 50 + 5 TP, 20 Tokens = 100 + 20 TP. 400 Tokens = 200 + 50 TP).


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