Walking around, touch enemy to engage in battle.


2 battle

  • Deva Realm Battle 1 - 870 XP, 663 Gold
    • White Puppet (Lv. 80)
    • Deva Realm  (Lv. 80)
    • White Puppet (Lv. 80)
  • Mantra & Deva Realm Battle 2 - 870 XP, 663 Gold



  • Deva Realm: What a pleasant surprise indeed, you managed to take down all of my shadow clones.
  • (Character): You haven't seen the best surprise yet! I will take you down with this Tower!
  • Deva Realm: Haha... talking about surprise, I would have never thought that Fire Village would crumble in a single day like Babylon!
  • (Character): No matter what Fire Village becomes, the Fire Ninjas have the will of eternal fire, don't look down on the Ninjas of Fire!!!

After Defeating Deva Realm

  • Deva Realm: ...You are strong ...I am honored enough to let you take my life...
  • (Character): The book, you promised me, return the Secret book of Kinjutsu to me!
  • Deva Realm: The Secret book of Kinjutsu is not with me.
  • (Character): What!?
  • Deva Realm: *cough* You're not the only one who has prepared a couple of surprises... He should be at the top of the tower.
  • Mantra: Hmm... So you defeated Deva Realm?
  • (Character): You're right... Are you the brain behind all these?
  • Mantra: Yes.
  • (Character): What do you want? Why are you after the book?
  • Mantra: You don't need to know, but since I am interested in you I might share a little part of the story. The secret book is just a part of the plan, once we get all of the secret books, we will start our next step.
  • (Character): You'll... Destroy the other villages!!?
  • Mantra: A bright boy, indeed! Come, join us, together, we will create a new order.
  • (Character): I have no plans of joining you, return the book to me.
  • Mantra: It seems you are not afraid, I am much more powerful than Deva Realm. You have no chance of winning.
  • (Character): I promised Kage that I will protect the village, and I will become the strongest Kage one day!
  • Mantra: A dreamer, I see. But you will die now!
  • (Character): This is the end of you, Mantra!
  • Mantra: Reborn technique!!! Come forth, Deva Realm!!!
  • (Character): What!?

After Defeating Mantra & Deva Realm/Ending

  • (Character): I realized now why all of the Realms have failed...
  • (Character): (Finally, I got the Secret Book of Kinjutsu, I kept my promise to Kage... but what is their next step? Anyway, I should hurry back to the village immediately!)


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