The Spirits of the Wind & Fire
The Spirits of the Wind & Fire
Type Seasonal - Gobi Mission
Level 1
Available in version(s) 1.2.13 - 1.2.14 (iOS)
Required Mission(s) The Gobi's Arrival
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The Spirits of the Wind & Fire


The player must wait 12 and a half hours to unlock this mission after completing "The Gobi's Arrival".

Walk around, touch a shrine in a color-clouded area to battle against an elemental spirit, and defeat them.


  • Find wind magatama
  • Find fire magatama

Map size: 5 x 5


2 battles

Kaze-no-kami Battle 1 - Located in coordinate 2,5

Hi-no-kami Battle 1 - Located in coordinate 4,1

Chance to get

  • x5 Elemental Gan (100% chance)



  • Hattori Danzou: "The Scripture says, humans have to collect the five elemental magatama, set up a circle, and perform collective jutsu to seal part of Gobi's chakra."
  • Hattori Danzou: "It is the only way that we might have chance to take down Gobi who can manipulate jutsu of all kinds."
  • Hattori Danzou: "[Primary character name], go collect the magatama of wind and fire."
  • [Primary character name]: "I will finish this as soon as I can!"
  • Hattori Danzou: "The legendary Element Spirits are responsible for protecting these magatama. You might encounter them. Take care."
  • [Secondary character name]: "Yes, Kage."

After mission starts

  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "According to Kage, the two magatama are in the northest wilderness and the eastest desert. Let's do this quickly."

After interacting the wind magatama

  • [Secondary character name]: "I can sense tremendous amount of chakra in this magatama. It should be the wind magatama."
  • [Secondary character name]: "Yes... it is exactly what Kage said. Take it and then we can hurry to the other place for the fire magatama."
  • [Primary character name]: "Wha.....t?! This must be the Kaze-no-kami..."
  • Kaze-no-kami: "Leave the magatama alone and go."
  • [Secondary character name]: "He is approaching... watch out!"

After defeating Kaze-no-kami

  • Kaze-no-kami: "Humans, you are no ordinary treasure hunter. I sense no evil in your souls. Tell me your intention."
  • [Primary character name]: "The five-tailed Gobi is now destroying places and lives out there. Our Kage has sent us here to collect the magatama so that we can seal Gobi's chakra.
  • Kaze-no-kami: "Gobi... I shall not be surprised for human visitors again after all these year..."
  • Kaze-no-kami: "You are ninja."
  • [Secondary character name]: "Yes... we are the ninja from Shinobi."
  • Kaze-no-kami: "Ahh... the Village of Shinobi..."
  • Kaze-no-kami: "These Element Gans will be useful in your future battles against Gobi. Take them, and the wind magatama as well."
  • [Secondary character name with Kaze-no-kami's image]: "Thank you very much, Kazi-no-kami! We shall leave for the other magatama."

After the characters leaves the wind shrine

  • Kaze-no-kami: "Will they also pass the tests of other element guardians?"

If walking back to Kaze-no-kami

  • Kaze-no-kami: "The fire magatama is somewhere in this forest."

After interacting the fire magatama

  • [Primary character name]: "Got the fire magatama as well!"
  • Hi-no-kami: "No one can touch my thing without killing me!"
  • [Secondary character name]: "It's the Hi-no-kami!"
  • Hi-no-kami: "It's very brave of you to come here knowing my existence. I admire your courage."
  • Hi-no-kami: "But the fight is still on!"

After defeating Hi-no-kami

  • Hi-no-kami: "You are ninja of the Shinobi Village."
  • [Primary character name]: "How do you know?"
  • Hi-no-kami: "Once upon a time, a few ninja were also here for the fire magatama. They attacked like you did. It's called the jutsu, right?"
  • [Secondary character name]: "Yes... who were they? Kage?"
  • Hi-no-kami: "Could your kage live for centuries? Hah...! So, this is again for the Gobi?"
  • [Primary character name]: "Right. The five-tailed Gobi is making damages everywhere. There are a lot of casualties..."
  • Hi-no-kami: "Of course there are... it's the Gobi. Take the fire magatama."
  • Hi-no-kami: "And also these element gans. They should help you humans to reallocate your elements."
  • [Secondary character name]: "Thank you Hi-no-kami. We will definitely take Gobi down!"

If walking back to Hi-no-kami

  • Hi-no-kami: "The wind magatama is somewhere in this forest."


  • [Primary character name]: "The fire and wind magatama are here, Kage."
  • Hattori Danzou: "Good job! What follow are the collections of the magatama of lightning and earth."


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