The Spirits of the Lightning & Earth
The Spirits of the Lightning & Earth
Type Seasonal - Gobi Mission
Level 1
Available in version(s) 1.2.13 - 1.2.14 (iOS)
Required Mission(s) The Spirits of the Wind & Fire
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The Spirits of the Lightning & Earth


Walk around, touch a shrine in a color-clouded area to battle against an elemental god or to complete a task.


  • Find earth magatama
  • Find lightning magatama
  • Collect all minerals (4 minerals) - After encountering the Reiten-no-kami
    • Raw minerals are located in coordinates 2,4, 2,5, 3,4, and 3,3.

Map size: 5 x 5


1 battle

Tsuchi-no-kami Battle 1 - Located in coordinate 4,1

Chance to get



  • Hattori Danzou: "The collection of the lightning and earth magatama should commence now."
  • [Primary character name]: "Yes! We are leaving for them now!"

After mission starts

  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "Kage said the lightning magatama is in the west while the earth magatama is in the south."
  • [Primary character name]: "Noted. Let's go!"

After interacting the earth magatama

  • [Primary character name]: "How can we take away this giant magatama...?"
  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "Mankind, the magatama is not for you. You leave this place."
  • [Secondary character name]: "Tsuchi-no-kami!"
  • [Tertiary character name]: "Tsuchi-no-kami! Please let me take the earth magatama. We need it to fight the five-tailed Gobi!"
  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "Oh... Gobi..."
  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "You can't have it. You are too young to be entrusted with the elemental magatama."
  • [Primary character name]: "I am confident to become the next Kage of the Shinobi Village!"
  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "Young men, there are still a lot for your to experience before you can be a kage. But since you are so faithful, I'll give you a chance. Pass my test and you can have my magatama."
  • [Primary character name]: "Why not? I'll prove myself."

At the start of the battle against Tsuchi-no-kami

  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "Break this wall of mine if you can."
  • [Primary character name]: "I will. You'll see!"

After defeating Tsuchi-no-kami

  • [Primary character name]: "That's it!"
  • [Secondary character name]: "We did not hurt Tsuchi-no-kami, did we?"
  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "I keep promises. This is the earth magatama you need. Make good use of it to hunt Gobi. Also take these minerals from the wall."
  • [Secondary character name]: "Did we really hurt you? We are so sorry..."
  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "Nevermind. It's not really hurting. These minerals will be useful for your equippments."
  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "Thank you!"

If walking back to Tsuchi-no-kami

  • Tsuchi-no-kami: "The lightning magatama is somewhere in this forest."

After interacting the lightning magatama

  • [Secondary character name]: "I sense a very strong chakra here... but where is the lightning magatama?"
  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "Could it be some sort of genjutsu?"
  • Reiten-no-kami: "The men who is called ninja, you have to collect the raw minerals for me to get the magatama of lightning."
  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "Where can we find the raw minerals?"
  • Reiten-no-kami: "Somewhere around here. I'll be here waiting for your good news."

After coming back to Reiten-no-kami without bringing all raw materials

  • Spirits of Lightning [Reiten-no-kami]: "Collect all the minerals and come back to me."

After collecting all 4 minerals

  • [Primary character name]: "These are all the raw minerals we need. Let's get back to Reiten-no-kami!"

After coming back to Reiten with all minerals

  • Reiten-no-kami: "Very fine."

After minerals are crafted out of lightning

  • [Primary character name]: "This is amazing..."
  • [Secondary character name]: "Is that genjutsu?"
  • Reiten-no-kami: "Young men, take these minerals and the magatama of lightning."
  • Reiten-no-kami: "If we leave Gobi out there, it might eventually break into here and the other sacred places...Humans, go! Stop Gobi from destructing."

If walking back to Reiten-no-kami

  • Reiten-no-kami: "The earth magatama is somewhere in this forest."


  • Hattori Danzou: "Very well. Just one more magatama and we can start setting up the sealing rituals."


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