Level needed to do this mission - 66

Rewards - 29310 XP, 3300 gold

Objective - Walk around, defeat all enemy

Battles :

  • Soil Village Jounin Battle

Soil Village Jounin (Lv 66)

Soil Jounin Elite (Lv 66)

Soil Chunin Elite (Lv 66)

  • Fat Hooligan Battle

Fat Hooligan (Lv 66)

Mountain Bandit Leader (Lv 66)

  • Soil Village Chunin Battle

Soil Village Chunin (Lv 66)

Soil Jounin Elite (Lv 66) Starting -

Ending -

  • Yudai : The soil is getting outrageous. We have to be careful.

Tips - the group whose head is Soil Village Jounin is strong.

Players are advised to back themselves with more consumables or support skills, or recruit a team member.

For players that find this mission too time consuming, you can do Lv 64 mission as an alternative, instead of wasting time completing this mission.

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