The Gobi's Arrival
The Gobi's Arrival
Type Seasonal - Gobi Mission
Level 1
Available in version(s) 1.2.13 - 1.2.14 (iOS)
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The Gobi's Arrival


Walk around, touch a villager to rescue him/her, then battle and win or lose to the Gobi.


  • Find villager 1
  • Find villager 2
  • Find villager 3

Map size: 3 x 1


1 battle

Gobi Battle 1

  • Gobi - The Gobi has maximum protection.



  • Hattori Danzou: "A giant monster is now making damages in Minato no machi. A lot of villagers are wounded. We are requested to send more ninja to evacuate the village."

After the mission starts

  • [Primary character name]: "Whoa... what kind of monster is it? The village is a total mess!"

After finding the first villager

  • Villager (1): "Thank you! That monster is so huge and powerful... the village guards are nothing in front of it!"
  • [Secondary character name]: "Did you see other wounded before you escaped to here?"
  • Villager (1): "Yes... certainly... sorry I haven't been able to bring them out as well... they are so severely hurt."
  • [Secondary character name]: "It's not your fault. Now, let me take care of your wound. After that, go that way. There will be ninja guarding all the way through. No worries."

After finding the second villager

  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "You ok?"
  • Villager (2): "Yea... argh! That hurts... who are you?"
  • [Secondary character's name]: "We are ninjas, and we are here to save you."
  • Villager (2): "Ninjas? There are more casualties over there. You should hurry! Just leave me alone and save those women and kids!"
  • [Primary or tertiary character's name]: "Stop talking. Your wound is more serious that you think. I'll take care of it before I leave for any places."

After finding the third villager

  • [Primary character name]: "Hey... Hey... you hear me?"
  • Villager (3): "......"
  • [Secondary character name]: "She's still breathing! Come on, dude! Don't fall asleep!"
  • Villager (3): "..."
  • Villager (3): "... ugh... claws... hurt..."
  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "Claws?! So the Cursed Wolf is out of control now?"
  • Villager (3): "No... it's much more terrifying than the wolf... It is coming! Watch out!"

After the Gobi appears

  • Gobi: "Rar...! Rar...!"
  • Villager (unknown): "This monster uses some bizarre jutsu..."
  • [Primary character's name]: "Bizarre?!"
  • Gobi: "Rar...! Rar...! Rarrrrrr..."

At the start of the battle against Gobi

  • [Primary character name]: "What kind of creature is this?!"
  • [Secondary character name]: "It has so many tails!"
  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "Well, it's definitely some tough opponent! Let's go."

After winning or losing against Gobi

  • Inoue Ningyo: "[Primary character name]"
  • [Primary character name]: "Sensei, this tailed-monster is really hard to deal with..."
  • Inoue Ningyo: "Tailed? How many tails?"
  • [Primary character name]: "There are five. All the techniques I use are not effective on it."
  • Inoue: "Jutsu-proof and five tails... umm..."
  • Inoue: "...!!!!"
  • Inoue: "That is an ancient creature!"
  • [Primary or tertiary character name]: "The Goooooo... Gobi?!"
  • Inoue: "Right. There is no way we can take it down with our bare hands. Is the place evacuated? We should retreat for now."
  • [Primary character name]: "Yes, sensei."


  • Hattori Danzou: "Gobi is a creature that has lived since the ancient times. There are some preparations to make before can hunt it."
  • Hattori Danzou: "It's really lucky of you to be able to survive in a fight against a tailed beast. Have some rest. This fight will last long."


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