Infobox achievement
Type {{{type}}}
Description {{{desc}}}
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This is the basic code for the Achievement Infobox template.

{{infobox achievement
| name   =
| image  =
| type   =
| desc   =
| points =
| set    =
| numero =


Parameter Usage
name The name title of the achievement.
image The icon of the achievement.
type The type of achievement, using the image of the achievement with the width size set to 25px unless if the achievement is a seasonal event achievement that doesn't have a tab icon of its own.
desc The description of the achievement.
points The achievement point reward for completing the achievement.
set The achievement set the achievement is in, which should say in its name.
numero Listing and linking to all of the achievements in that achievement set using Roman numero numbers as the text display (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII) and a bullet "•" to separate the letters. If the achievement set uses (number), then use that. If the achievement set is only one achievement, write the name of the achievement (page title).


Here is an example of a basic achievement Infobox.

Be Generous! I
Be Generous! I
Type General Achievement
Description Share 1 gift
Points 10
Be Generous


{{infobox achievement
| name   = Be Generous! I
| image  = Image:Be_Generous!_I.png
| type   = [[File:General_Achievement.png|25px|General Achievement|link=Achievement#General Achievement]]
| desc   = Share 1 gift
| points = 10
| set    = Be Generous
| numero = [[Be Generous! I|I]] • [[Be Generous! I|II]] • [[Be Generous! I|III]]

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