TP Training
TP Training missions (or Talent Point(s) Training) are Level 40 Daily Missions that can be done by Level 40 Chunin or Jounin to gain Talent Points (TP). Each day, three of the five TP Training missions will be available to perform in the Mission Room. Each TP Training mission gives 2,000 Gold, 2,000 XP, and 10 TP, meaning that a Jounin would be able to earn up to 50 TP per day by completing all of the available TP Training missions.

List of TP Training Missions

There are 5 TP Training missions available in the Mission Room but only three. of them are randomly selected to be added for the day.

TP Training
Name Level Gold XP TP Description
Another TP Scroll 40 2,000 2,000 10 Unseal one more scroll to get a TP.
Secret TP Scroll 40 2,000 2,000 10 Unseal the scroll.
The Kekkai in the Forest 40 2,000 2,000 10 Unseal the kekkai to gain TP.
Weird Potion 40 2,000 2,000 10 Dare to taste Sakyo's potion?
Dangerous Potion 40 2,000 2,000 10 Another potion from Sakyo!


  • TP Training are considered to be Daily Missions since they can be done once a day. This helps completing the Complete Daily Mission achievements
  • TP Training somewhat contributes to the Special Events but doesn't actually for the Complete Special Mission achievements. Every time a TP Training is complete, missions require for Complete Special Missions are reduced but they can prevent the player from completing the achievement and have the remaining value to go into the negatives. But the remaining amount of Special Events that needs to be completed after completing TP Training missions reset after the day.
  • There is a glitch that level 40 Chunins can do TP Trainings. This is useful for a Chunin to store at least 1140 TP before they can decide to pick their favorite talent after they are promoted to Jounin. This process takes 38 days.
  • The TP Training mission "Dangerous Potion" became available in version 2.4.17315 on March 20, 2012.

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