Surprise Attack Class Jutsu
Surprise Attack Class Jutsu
Type Genjutsu Division class
Level 60
Chakra 0
Damage See equation
Cost No price
Skill None
Training Time Can't learn from friend
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from academy

Directly attack a single target, damage is determined by [value] x target's remained HP. The higher HP target remains, the higher damage it is. Only can be used once in a battle.

Additional effect(s)

At level 60, the damage inflicted to a target is 700 if the target is at full health but damage is reduced when the target's health is lower. Every level up will increase the maximum damage by 64 points. At level 80, the maximum amount of damage this attack could inflict (if the target is at full health) is 1980.

Equation: $ [64(x - 60)+700]y $

The equation to determine how much damage this skill will inflict on a target is where $ x $ is the character's level and $ y $ is the percentage amount of the target's current HP.

Obtained by

This skill can be used during Stage 2-2: Defense! Defense! of the Special Jounin Campaign while battling against Akazosu.

This skill can be obtained by joining the Surprise Attack Division after completing the Special Jounin Campaign.

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