Special Ninja Force - NS Facebook post
The Special Ninja Force (or SNF for short) unit are a group of super heroic ninjas. They appear in the World Ninja Athletic Games Event of the 3rd Anniversary of Ninja Saga between July 27, 2012 and August 15, 2012 and replaces the Mysterious opponent on the first round in the Shinobi Anniversary Arena.

Summoning Ninjutsu

Since July 31, 2012, new Ninjutsu have appeared in the Academy. These Ninjutsu summons a Special Ninja Force of an element to attack the opponent(s).

The Level 80 Summoning Ninjutsu requires Tokens to purchase but are learned instantly. However, they cannot be learned from a friend since they require Tokens to purchase. And the Level 28 Summoning Ninjutsu requires the Level 12 Summoning Ninjutsu to learn.

Level 12

Level 12 Summoning Ninjutsu became available on July 31, 2012. They are just like any other regular Ninjutsu.

Level 28

Level 28 Summoning Ninjutsu became available on August 14, 2012. They are just like any other regular Ninjutsu except for the water summoning, which attacks all targets at low damage but costs a lot of chakra.

Level 80

level 80 Summoning Ninjutsu became available on August 7, 2012. They are similar to academy Kin-Ninjutsu in which they require Tokens, learned instantly, and cannot be learned from friends. They all deal low damage and have a high chakra consumption but they attack all targets and inflict a negative effect on each target.


After the 3rd Anniversary event has ended, SNF uniforms can be purchased from the Shop as clothing for both male and female characters.



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