Mother's Day Special
Special Minis Machine
Time-Limited Event avilability
Event Name  : Mother's Day Special
Date Start  : May 17, 2012
Date End  : May 13, 2012
Last Event This event Next Event
Sakura Matsuri Mother's Day Special Father's Day Special
Seasonal Event List  : Special Minis Machine (15 M Like)

Special Minis Machine is a Gachapon machine used as a seasonal event as a celebration for the 15 million 'Likes' of Ninja Saga on Facebook between May 17, 2012 and May 30, 2012.

In the event, players can spend Tokens to earn prizes. Players can pay 30 Tokens to get a prize or 150 Tokens to get 5 prizes at once. First prizes are very rare to get while second prizes are common to get.


First Prize


Second Prize



Back Items

Hair Style

  • Nocturnal Vagrant Mask
  • Kinjutsu Practitioner Mask
  • Protective Mask

Ninja Essences

Consumable Items



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