Special Events
Special Events are missions that are important to the plot of Ninja Saga. Special Events give out more XP and Gold than other types of missions but they can only be done once per character, which means that Special Events cannot be revisited. They are found in the Mission Room.

After Level 42 no special events will be given except level 60, where you must complete the Special Jounin Campaign.

List of Special Events

Level 1-10 Special Events
Name Level Gold XP NE? Description
Tutorial 1 250 130 No No mission description available.
Choose the Right Target 2 100 560 No Shin has a new lesson for you. Let's see what he wants to teach you this time.
The Battle Dog 3 600 250 No A battle dog has barged into the village and scared the kids.
Fierce Cat1 4 700 450 No Get rid of the Fierce Cat.
Guard the Village Gate 4 900 200 No Can you defend the village for Kage Yudai and the villagers?
The Lost Letter 4 600 300 No Kinta lost an important letter on his way home.
(Premium) Get Antler 5 400 800 Yes Blacksmith wants you to get some antlers for him.
Get Ready for PvP 5 300 300 No You can now challenge other ninja in PvP! Ryu has a preparation class for you. Get ready!
Suspicious Ninja 5 500 500 No Suspicious ninja is found in the village
Ken's Challenge 6 400 1,000 No Defeat Ken's Undead Marionette!
Illegal hunting?! 7 800 1,400 No There are some illegal hunting going on!
(Premium) Thieves! 8 1,600 750 Yes Kusuma is in trouble!
Secret of the Guardian scrolls 8 300 400 No Kage tells you the history of Shinobi War and wants you to deliver a message to the secret place.
Exclude the Extortionists1 8 400 500 No Eliminate the Extortionists at the port.
Protect the Messenger 9 400 400 No The Kage wants you to ask the messenger some questions about the incident.
Investigation 10 500 400 No The Kage wants you to check through the location where the stolen incident happened.
Path of a Genin 10 600 600 No Get ready for the Chunin exam! You will take part in when you are level 20!
The Mist Stalker 10 500 400 No The Mist Stalker is an S-Rank criminal who can cast a spell to continually increase his HP. Hold him there for 1 minute before Shin comes to arrest him.
Level 11-20 Special Events
Name Level Gold XP Description
Be an Envoy to Water Village 11 600 400 Kage wants you to be an envoy to go to Water Village.
Merchant's Quarrel 11 750 750 Help fix the issue between Kusuma and Kaiza.
Relief force to Water Village 12 650 400 Help Water Village eliminate their enemies.
The Battle Samurai 12 500 500 Protect the village from the Battle Samurai.
Be an Envoy to Earth Village 13 650 400 Kage wants you to be an envoy to go to Earth Village.
Ken's Second Challenge 13 800 400 Defeat Ken's Possessed Marionette.
Civil Strife in Earth Village 14 750 400 Help Tsuchikage settle the civil strife!
Backup Request from Wind Village 15 800 400 Help Wind Village eliminate their enemies!
Destroy the Criminal Alliance 16 500 600 Three criminal leaders are having a secret meeting. What are they planning for? Destroy the alliance before they can come up with an evil plan!
Village in Turmoil 16 500 600 The hooligans are everywhere! Suppress them and restore peace in our village.
Ken's Third Challenge 18 500 600 Defeat Ken's Deformed Marionette
Chunin Exam 1/5: Written Test 20 0 0 To be promoted to Chunin, you need to pass a series of tests and exams. The first round is a written test.
Chunin Exam 2/5: Scroll War 20 0 0 Don't forget to recruit your teammates before you start your next exam.
Chunin Exam 3/5: Arena 20 0 0 The third exam is to finish a 1vs1 battle - you will fight with other ninja candidates. Note: No teammates can go inside the Tower with you!
Chunin Exam 4/5: Team Battle 20 0 0 Team cooperation is very important. The final exam is to test your teamwork.
Chunin Exam 5/5: Final 20 0 0 Help Shin and Genzu to defeat Kojima and save Ken. Note: No teammates can go inside the Tower with you!
Level 21-30 Special Events
Name Level Gold XP Description
Kanesada the Sword 01 21 2,400 2,400

Blacksmith is doing some research to make a new, special sword.

Message to Tsuchikage 01 21 850 850 Deliver a message to Earth Village.
The Rain Village 01 21 2,160 2,160 The Rain Village did not take part in the Chunin Exam why??
Assassin Counter 22 1,200 1,200 A quest from a little village outside, stop a despicable trader to buy their own land.
Hidden Laboratory 22 3,000 3,000 Fuji found Ken's secret laboratory.
Message to Tsuchikage 02 22 900 900 Help the earth ninja to find the bandit who took the scroll.
Kanesada the Sword 02 23 3,000 3,600 Blacksmith needs some famous swords for his research.
Message to Tsuchikage 03 (Final) 23 1,200 1,200 You know the truth of the missing scroll.
The Rain Village 02 23 2,400 3,000 A permission is granted! Time to travel to the Rain again!
The Hanjiro Series 01 24 3,600 4,800 Hanjiro is one of the leaders of the Hooligan gangs who robs villages. Hanjiro is a master of genjutsu and has continuously escaped from arrests. Will you be able to catch him with Kira this time?
Kanesada the Sword 03 25 3,600 4,800 The Blacksmith needs extra swords for his research.
The Hanjiro Series 02 25 4,200 5,400 Genzu found Hanjiro's hideout. Back him up.
The Rain Village 03 (Final) 25 3,600 4,200 Hokage has decided to meet landlord Rikuto. Clear the road for him.
Rare Herbs: Night Flower 26 2,200 4,000 Help Michi to collect rare herbs
The Hanjiro Series 03 26 4,800 7,200 Hanjiro with the Evil Monks & Rebel Ninjas.
Kanesada the Sword 04 27 4,200 6,000 The special sword is finished and Blacksmith would like invite to invite you to test the sword
The Hanjiro Series 04 (Final) 27 4,800 8,400 Hanjiro is in the Wind Village. Recruit Genzu to catch Hanjiro.
Kanesada the Sword 05 28 6,000 8,400 Blacksmith has found out the reason of the failure of his first attempt.
Kanesada the Sword 06 29 6,600 9,000 Blacksmith is running out of Canine Tooth.
Kanesada the Sword 07 (Final) 30 7,200 9,600 Hokage is looking for you... there's something strange about Blacksmith?
Level 31-42 Special Events
Name Level Gold XP Description
The Stubborn Landlord 01 31 7,800 10,200 Prevent the assassination of Landlord Rikuto.
The Stubborn Landlord 02 32 8,400 10,800 Rikuto returned evil for good! You are in his wanted list!
Stolen Magatama 1 33 6,600 10,000 Blacksmith's magatama were stolen!?
Stolen Magatama 2 34 6,800 10,000 Blacksmith has got clues about his lost magatama
Stolen Magatama 3 35 7,000 10,500 Some people are selling rare magatama in the market! Could it be...?
Rebel Water Ninjas 36 8,640 12,600 Water Ninjas and Rebel Ninjas are spotted together in the forest.
Friendly Match 37 8,880 15,600 Practice with Lok Li the Taijutsu Master
The Mysterious Bug 38 8,880 15,600 Assist Shira to catch the mysterious bug
Revenge of Phantom Ninja 39 9,360 18,000 Phantom Ninja is free and he wants a revenge on you.
Jounin Exam 1/5: Hand Seals 40 0 0 To be promoted to Jounin, you need to pass a series of tests and exams. First test: can you learn a jutsu quickly?
Jounin Exam 2/5: Shinobi Tower 40 0 0 Reach the top of the Tower. Note: No teammates can go inside the Tower with you!
Jounin Exam 3/5: The Kekkai 40 0 0 Unseal all the kekkai in the forest.
Jounin Exam 4/5: The Elements 40 0 0 Lead your team and challenge the Shikigami elements
Jounin Exam 5/5: The Orochi 40 0 0 Hunt Yamata no Orochi! Advice: Recruit 2 teammates to assist you! Mission complete upon capture of the Giant Snake (only).
Kojima Series: The Beginning 40 6,750 8,156 Undead puppet appeared in the village!
Kojima Series: At the Orochi Temple 41 8,080 10,170 Kojima has got the scroll of Orochi!
Kojima Series: Orochi Scroll 42 9,630 12,640 Direct confront with Kojima! Can you take the Orochi Scroll back?

1. This mission(s) no longer exists in Ninja Saga.

Special Event series

There are several series of Special Events in Ninja Saga including:

There are also three campaigns throughout Ninja Saga but they are independent to Special Events.


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