Soul of Tailed Beast
Soul of Tailed Beast
Type Material
Level 1
Cost No price
Sell 5 Gold

Tailed Beast Challenge Event Limited Materials. Collect to train with Tailed Beast for 14 days.

Additional effect(s)

Used to rent a tailed beast pet in the Materials Market for 14 days. Heart of Kari and Crystal of Kari may also be required to rent a tailed beast pet.

It is also used to learn pet skills for pets along with Heart of Kari.

Obtained by

Defeating the father of a tailed beast in the Hunting House during the Father's challenge part of the Father's Day Special event between April 12, 2012 and April 25, 2012 will reward the player's character 3 Souls of Tailed Beast. After defeating a tailed beast, the player can also share one to their Facebook wall for three friends to claim, which they could get one for free too.

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