Soul Punch
Soul Punch
Talent Eight Extremities Talent
Type Passive

5 TP
Damage Lv x 150%
Chakra Lv x 170%
Cooldown 6

10 TP
Damage Lv x 166%
Chakra Lv x 168%
Cooldown 6

25 TP
Damage Lv x 192%
Chakra Lv x 163%
Cooldown 6

50 TP
Damage Lv x 232%
Chakra Lv x 154%
Cooldown 6

100 TP
Damage Lv x 282%
Chakra Lv x 141%
Cooldown 6

200 TP
Damage Lv x 344%
Chakra Lv x 124%
Cooldown 6

300 TP
Damage Lv x ???%
Chakra Lv x 103%
Cooldown 6

450 TP
Damage Lv x ???%
Chakra Lv x 79%
Cooldown 6

600 TP
Damage Lv x ???%
Chakra Lv x 51%
Cooldown 6

800 TP
Damage Lv x 708%
Chakra Lv x 20%
Cooldown 6

Required Skill(s) None
Basics: Concentrates chakra on your palm and punch the target.

Additional effect(s)

Eight Extremities


  • This is one of the two Talent skills that doesn't have an effect. The other is the Enraged Forest talent skill: Secret Enraged Forest: Matsuri.
  • This talent skill is similar to Might Guy's Daytime Tiger skill as they both focus their chakra to the palm and make a single powerful punch.
  • This talent skill, just like Mirror of Grace, the CP consumption decreases as it's level increases.
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