A screenshot of the Shop.

Shop (iOS)

The Shop in the iOS version.

The Shop is where players go to purchase weapons, consumable items, back items, or clothing. The shop is run by Mai in the SNS version of Ninja Saga or by Yoshiko in the mobile version of Ninja Saga.


There are a lot of stuff players can buy from the Shop including weapons, clothing, back items, and consumable items.


The special inventory has a list of packages that are available to be purchased. This menu only appears in the Shop when there is a package of items that can be purchased.


Weapons are gears used to normal attack enemies and deal damage.


Clothing are clothing/armor that show off the player's appearance but have no in-game effect. In the iOS version, clothing is split into two different g ear: Upper clothing and bottom clothing. And they provide effects unlike

Back Items

Back items are accessories that show off the player's appearance. All Back items that bought from the shop don't have in-game effects but Back Items obtained from special events and from gifts from friends have special effects that are usually passive or active.

Consumable Items

Consumable items are items that can only be used once that can help and save players. The only consumable items that are in the shop are Healing Scrolls, Chakra Scrolls, and the Smoke Bomb. Every other consumable item are obtained in different methods including special events.

Inventory (mobile version)

There are also various items that can be purchased from the Shop in the mobile version of Ninja Saga, including head styles, upper clothing, lower clothing, weapons, back items, and items.


Head styles are head gears and head equipment that characters can wear. They only serve for appearance so there is no use purchasing head styles except for showing off looks.


Upper clothing are shirts and other upper clothing that serve for appearance, as well as boosting the character's attributes and defense.


Lower clothing are pants, skirts, and other lower clothing that serve for appearance, as well as boosting the character's attributes and Defend. The Defend boost from lower clothing is usually 1 less from the upper clothing counterpart.


Shark Skin Sword

Back Item

  • Spelled as "BACKITEM" instead, back items are back accessories that can increase a character's stats and Defend.$ <nowiki>Insert formula here</nowiki>[[Media: == Example.ogg == [ link title<gallery type="slideshow" widths="281"> Bunny Rampage.PNG|''Italic text'' </gallery>]]] $


Items are items that are either consumable when use or are permanent but with a cooldown in battle.

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