Shira (シラ) first appears in the third part of the Chunin Campaign as the second opponent. Before the character appearance update, he was a bloodline user that can manipulate bugs and insects and use them to attack his opponents. After the update, Shira specialized in poisonous techniques.

Shira re-appears in the Special Events mission "The Mysterious Bug", requesting assistance to capture a mysterious bug.

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  • Poison Storm: (Formerly Bug Storm) Deals 70 damage and inflict Parasite (absorbing 10% HP) for 2 turns.
  • Poison Gas Shield: (Formerly Bug Shield) Casts Protection for 5 turns.
  • Normal Attack: Deals 30 damage.



  • Shira is based on the Naruto character, Shino Aburame, as they are both bug users, they share similar names, and that Shira's previous appearance looked like Shino's appearance.
  • He is the only participant who fought the player's character and never asked for a rematch, like Lok Li and Zuka.

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