Sen Mountain
Senjutsu (literally meaning "Sage Arts") is a game mechanic for Ninja Tutor and higher.

It is a set of very powerful skills that can be equipped and used independently from the normal skills, but use SP instead of Chakra to cast.

These Skills will be achieved by unknown means in a new Mountain that only appears once the Exam was beat. As of now it is still locked however.


Once the Exam is beaten, a new bar appears under the XP bar labeled "SP".
SP-Bar Filled
SP or Senjutsu Points is a new kind of status points very much alike to Chakra, that are used to use Senjutsu and enter Sage Mode(more on Sage Mode, see below). Unlike the Chakra, this bar is empty at the beginning of a battle. It slowly fills at the beginning of every turn of the player.

The Player can then use a few of them to use powerful Senjutsu, or save them up until the bar is filled and use the completed bar to enter Sage Mode.

Sage Mode


Once the player filled the SP Bar completely, they can use it up to enter Sage Mode, which will last 5 turns. During this time, all Skills will deal additional 5% damage and Senjutsu will cost no SP to use and will gain additional effects depending on the skill, but in return you will not gain any SP for 5 turns.



Upon completing the Exam, the player unlocks a single Senjutsu along with the Sage Mode. However, the player starts with 4 Slots for Senjutsu, and will go on to unlock another slot every 10 Levels up to a total of 8 Slots.

These slots can be filled under the "Senjutsu" Tab on the bottom right of the screen outside of a mission. Inside a battle, these can then be accessed by clicking the new buton on the right of the skillbar, which then replaces the old skillbar by the new Sage Mode skillbar.

New Senjutsu will be unlocked in the Senjutsu Mountain once it is released.

Name Level Damage Cooldown SP Description Gold Tokens
Senjutsu: Super Charges 80 - 10 600 Recover HP and CP by 25%. If the player use this in Sage Mode the recovery will increase by 15%. 0 0


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