Secret scroll of wisdom
Secret scroll of wisdom
Type Ninja Essence
Level 1
Cost No price.
Sell Can't be sold.

With Secret Scroll of Wisdom, you can instantly learn level 1-80 skills from one school.

Additional effect(s)

The player selects one of the elemental Ninjutsu that he/she learned. Every skill for that element that are available in the Academy (including Kinjutsu but excluding Advanced Kinjutsu) are unlocked for that character.

Obtained by

Claiming it as a premium user from the Exclusive Bonus for Ninja Emblem feature. This ninja essence became available as an exclusive bonus item on January 17, 2012. NOTE: Only one character can claim this item per account and it can only be used once.

This can also be obtained as a random prize in the First Prize set from the Egg Hunting event between April 10, 2012 and April 18, 2012.

During the 3rd Anniversary event, this can be purchased for 8,000 Anniversary Points.

During the Halloween 2012 event, this can be claimed inside the Materials Market by obtaining all the required materials.


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  • The previous description for this skill stated: With Secret Scroll of Wisdom, one character of yours can instantly learn ALL skills from one element.
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