Sakura Matsuri
Ninja Saga - Sakura Matsuri (Hanami Festival 2012)
Time-Limited Event avilability
Event Name  : Sakura Matsuri
Date Start  : April 19, 2012
Date End  : May 2, 2012
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Kari Gumi Vs Egg Hunting Bosses Sakura Matsuri Mother's Day Special
Seasonal Event List  : Spring Sakura flower celebration.
Sakura Fest (2013)
Sakura Matsuri (2012)
Hanami Festival (2011)
The Sakura Matsuri event (or Hanami Festival 2012) is the a Spring-time seasonal event that took place on April 19, 2012 after the Kari Gumi Vs Egg Hunting Bosses event ended until the end of May 2, 2012 but Sakura flowers were still blooming in the Kari Gumi Vs Egg Hunting Bosses

In the event, free users can purchase Kinjutsu: Sakura Scatter for 2,500 Tokens but it would normally 3,600 Tokens, and premium users can purchase it for 1,200 Tokens. Kinjutsu: Sakura Scatter is a level 1 Genjutsu with a chakra cost of 200 CP and a cooldown of 20 turns that removes all debuffs from the user immediately and ignore 100% of target's dodge chance for a turn.

Also, on the Ninja Scratch Card, the Sakura Matsuri Special I grand prize during the start of the Sakura Matsuri event is Star Night Jinbei with Geta which is a clothing for male ninja and Star Night Yukata with Sakura Obi which is a clothing for female ninja.

As of April 25, 2012, players can upgrade Kinjutsu: Sakura Scatter to Kinjutsu: Tensakura Sanka for 800 Tokens and get a Sakura Shuriken weapon for free by upgrading Kinjutsu: Sakura Scatter.

Also on April 25, a poll was created on Ninja Saga's Facebook fan page for users to decide which skill to be returned for the Sakura Matsuri event. The choices were Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse or Kinjutsu: Tenson Omi Korin but a majority of players chose Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse so on April 26, 2012, Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse returned to Ninja Saga for the event at a cost of 3,600 Tokens for free users or 1,200 Tokens for premium users and it can be upgraded to Kinjutsu: Advance Phantom Impulse for 800 Tokens during the event.[1]

On April 26, 2012 until the end of May 2, 2012, the grand prize of the Ninja Scratch Card changed to Blue Cloud Umbrella which is the Sakura Matsuri Special II grand prize. Blue Cloud Umbrella is a back item that ignore's a target's dodge rate by 6% when attacking the target, meaning that the user's accuracy increases by 6%.


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