SNF of Hurricane
SNF of Hurricane is one of the five members of the Special Ninja Force unit who appears as a boss in the Shinobi Anniversary Arena during the World Ninja Athletic Games Event of the 3rd Anniversary of Ninja Saga between July 27, 2012 and August 15, 2012. She uses Wind Ninjutsu. 10 Energy Points are required to battle her.


  • Level: Anywhere between ±5 from character's level
  • HP: ?
  • CP: ?
  • Agility: ?

Possible rewards

  • (550 + 50 * Lv) XP, (400 + 40 * Lv) Gold



  • Wind Vault Kick: Creates a vaulting platforming, dashes towards it and handsprings over it, kicking all of the opponents with wind element. Deals damage to all players if the attack hits the main player and inflicts Bleeding (-20% extra damage taken).
  • Uneven Bar Hurricane Evasion: Spins vertically on a bar. Cast Flexible on the user.
  • Pommel Horse Whirlwind Thomas Flares: Spins around on a bar, kicking the target with wind. Deals damage and inflicts Dismantle for ? turns.
  • Balance Beam Blade of Cyclone: Jumps into a balance beam, creating a gymnastic moves while she's balancing that attacks the player and deals Bleeding (-20% extra damage taken).
  • Free Exercise Attack: Jump and vanishes into thin air attacking the opponent by the wind it produces while execising.

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