SNF of Gaia
SNF of Gaia is one of the five members of the Special Ninja Force unit who appears as a boss in the Shinobi Anniversary Arena during the World Ninja Athletic Games Event of the 3rd Anniversary of Ninja Saga between July 27, 2012 and August 15, 2012. He uses Earth Ninjutsu. 10 Energy Points are required to battle him.


  • Level: Anywhere between ±5 from character's level
  • HP: ?
  • CP: ?
  • Agility: ?

Possible rewards

  • Level 15-25: 1,200 Gold, 1,550 XP
  • Level 75-85: 3,600 Gold, 4,550 XP



  • Earth Sand River Jump: Jumps into its opponents attacking with sand. Deals damage to all players if the attack hits the main player and cast Fear( Weaken ) for 3 turns.
  • Rocky Ball Artillery: Throwing backward a ball to its opponents and damaging them.
  • Earth Pole Vault Attack: Jumping with a pole on his hand and launch himself to attack its opponents.

See also


  • In Greek mythology, Gaia is the Goddess of Earth.
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