"Ryu sensei has hanami items for his top students! Show him what you got and get his approval!" —Ryu's description as a Hanami World Boss
Ryu (リュ) is a non-player character who claims to be a master of Taijutsu. He used to give you Missions in the Mission Room, before Yudai began doing this. He is also the master of Lok Li.

He was also a special boss in the Hanami 2011 event and his level was the same as the character's level.

Appears in


Special Events

Daily Missions

Grade C Missions

Hanami Festival

  • Level 5+ Rank S world boss

Possible rewards

1,000 XP, 1,000 Gold

  • Four random Hanami items of certain amount each.


  • Thousand Violence Strike: Deals damage and inflict Stun for 5 turns.
  • Hundred Break: Deals damage and inflict Stun for 3-4 turns.
  • Dynamic Kick: Deals damage.
  • Normal Attack: Deals damage.
  • Eight Gate! Opening!: Casts Eight Extremities for 8 turns.
  • Dragon Bullet: Deals damage and inflict Fear (Weaken) for 3-4 turns.
  • Shadow Combat Strike: Deals damage and inflict Disperse.



  • Ryu's hairstyle and eyepatch could be similar to Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach.
  • He is based on Might Guy in Naruto.
  • The meaning of his name is "Dragon".

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