Recruit Friends

A screenshot of the Recruit Friends building.

The Recruit Friends building is where players go to either choose their friends or NPCs to join them in a party. They can assist a player in various missions and practice battles, except friends' battles. The NPCs aren't selected until the player is at least Level 20.

Recruiting People

Players can recruit up to 2 ninja for a single mission or battle. Once a player has chosen a team to recruit, the player cannot change to another team until the player does a mission or battle. 


Players can recruit friends' characters of any level now. You can recruit characters whose levels are below yours for some gold (with the amount depending on your level difference.)You can still recruit characters whose levels are above yours, but for some tokens (with the amount depending on your level difference.)


If a player doesn't have any lower-leveled friends to recruit, the player may recruit NPCs as long as the player is as least Level 20 but recruiting NPCs for a mission or battle cost Tokens. There are currently six NPCs that players can recruit:

  • Gekko (Level 20 Genin) - 20 Tokens
  • Ryuma (Level 20 Genin) - 20 Tokens
  • Shuji (Level 40 Tensai Chunin) - 40 Tokens
  • Kazuya (Level 40 Tensai Chunin) - 40 Tokens
  • Masaki (Level 60 Tensai Jounin) - 60 Tokens
  • Keisuke (Level 60 Tensai Jounin) - 60 Tokens
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