Rank B Missions
Rank B missions are level 20-40 missions that Genin can do. Rank B missions appear in the iOS version of Ninja Saga. Rank B missions first became available in the 1.1.5 version update.

There are currently ?? Rank B missions. After completing every Rank B mission at least once, the Chunin Exam becomes available for Level 40 Genin.

List of Rank B missions

Rank B Missions
Name Level XP Gold Description
1 2 3 1 2 3
People are Missing 21 1650 825 There are people missing recently, Kage has apppointed you to investigate it.
Collect potion for cure. 22 2,145 900 Inoue said there are more people getting poison.
Earth Ninja's Request 23 2,426 930 Earth Ninja has come to ask a favor, what can it be?
An important letter 24 2,714 975 An important letter has gone missing during delivery, go and look for it.
The return of Sword Ninja 25 2,200 838 A group of Sword Ninjas have sneaked into our village and stole some valuables out!
The unexpected attack! 26 1,848 2,310 700 875 Animals have gone crazy and attacking villagers.
Protecting a daimyo 27 1,925 750 An assassin is planning on assassinate a daimyo, he needs someone to protect him.
A weapon collection 28 2,000 2,888 800 1,000 The daimyo has lost something, and he is dying to get them back.
Saving the Temple! 29 2,002 850 A group of monks are gathering outside the village, what is happening?
The Inoue's Test 30 2,117 900 Inoue wants to test your ability
Medical Supply Challenge 31 2,310 800 Medical supplies are dropped during delivery, can you pick them back up?
Top secret? 32 2,640 600 Kage was appointed you to complete a secret mission, get ready!
Escape from jail 33 2,904 500 Some people have escaped from jail
Flower Ninja?! 34 3,102 600 Flower Ninja is here, what is going on?
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