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Ninja Saga (iOS)
Ninja Saga is an iOS game created by Emagist Entertainment Limited for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad and it is based on the Ninja Saga social networking site application but this version of Ninja Saga is different from the Social Networking Site (SNS) version.

Download Ninja Saga for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad at:

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Active Events
Ancient Creatures: Gobi Mission
Ancient Creatures is an event that involves tailed beasts. Right now, the event is based on the Gobi, which takes place between versions 1.2.13 and 1.2.16. Gobi can be purchased as a pet for 2,000 Tokens and starts off with 30 attribute points randomly distrubted. Furthermore, there is a series of six missions called Gobi Mission.

In Gobi Mission, the Gobi is attacking the Shinobi Village and the player has to acquire the elemental magatama in order to seal it. After the Gobi is defeated, the player will be rewarded KoGobi, a split of Gobi, as a pet.

Fireworks Event
Fireworks Event is an event that is available in version 1.2.16. The NPC that is featured in this event is Maimi and she is wearing here clothing that she wore since the Sakura Matsuri event.

In the Fireworks Event, the player can claim two random colored chakra, one by a daily login and one by a daily Facebook post. Additional colored chakra can be purchased from the Shop within the event for 5 Tokens. There are five different colors of chakra: Green Chakra, Red Chakra, Purple Chakra, Blue Chakra, and Brown Chakra. These chakra are used to purchase Fireworks Event items and skills.

Latest update

September 19, 2012 (v1.2.16):
New Features:

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