Pet Centre

The Pet Centre, where the Pet Villa is located.

The Pet Villa (ペトの部屋; literally meaning "Room of Petoskey" or ペットの部屋 meaning "Pet Room") is an area of the Pet Centre which were both introduced on February 8, 2012 along with the Pets & Love event. The Pet Villa allows players to level up deactivated pets by paying with gold and waiting by a training time. Players cannot train a pet that is at the maximum level of the player's rank or if they are active. There are 4 slots where pets can be placed to train. Premium users start off with all the slots unlocked.

Free users start off with only one slot unlocked. As a free user, to unlock the other three slots, the user can exchange 20 Friendship Kunai, purchase a Ninja Emblem, or pay 400 Tokens.[1]

During the Pets & Love event, by completing Stage 2 of that event, the training time for pets to level up in the Pet Villa is reduced by 50% until February 27, 2012.

Leveling up a pet

While completing a mission, the pet will only 20% XP that the player is rewarded so if a player gets 100 XP from completing a mission, the pet will get 20 XP.

But there is an alternate way to level up a pet which is by training the pet in the Pet Villa.


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