Origami Dragon
Origami Dragon is one of the Origami Monsters that appear in the event, Sakura Fest. It looks like a dragon made of paper and is in different shades of green. Its attacks are water-based. It requires 10% HP or less before it can be sealed into the Scroll of Seal.


  • Hydro Missile - sends a missile made of water at the opponent. 
  • The Fang of Gin-ryu - bites its opponent.
  • Genei Satsu - a blue-white translucent hand appears on the ground below the opponent. Causes restriction for two turns.
  • Deadly Tsunami - Summons a giant wave engulfs the entire surroundings and its opponent.


  • Players can use the Futomaki Sushi to tell how much HP the Origami Dragon has left.
  • However, if the player has theIntelligence Class Jutsu , it is also easy to calculate how much HP the Origami Dragon should have before sealing: The total HP multiplied by 30%, or 0.1.
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