Origami crane
Origami Crane
is one of the Origami Monsters that appear in the event, Sakura Fest. It looks like a traditional origami crane, with a few modifications, and is light blue in color. Its attacks are wind -based. It requires 30% HP or less before it can be sealed into the Scroll of Seal .


  • Shadow Slitter - Origami Crane smashes itself into its opponent.
  • Hyper Tornado - Sends several winds that attack its opponent. Causes bleeding for 20% for 1 turn.
  • Crane Fist - Attacks opponent with its body several times. Causes bleeding for 10% for 2 turns.
  • Extreme Hurricane - a tornado is formed around its opponent. 


  • Players can use the Futomaki Sushi to tell how much HP the Origami Crane has left.
  • However, if the player has the Intelligence Class Jutsu , it is also easy to calculate how much HP the origami crane should have before sealing: The total HP multiplied by 30%, or 0.3.


  • In Japanese culture, an origami crane is a symbol of peace. Legend goes that during a war, a young girl with lukemia folded one thousand origami cranes, hoping that the war would end. She died before the war was over, but not before she finished all one thousand cranes.
    • Coincidentally, the origami crane in the event looks similar to the traditional crane folded in the story, but without the spikes at the head. 


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