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Ninja Tutor is the fifth ninja rank. Special Jounin can become a Senior Tutor by completing the Ninja Tutor Exam at the level of 80. The rank of Ninja Tutor varies from level 80 to level 100.

Features available

  • Every feature the rank of Genin, Chunin, Jounin and Special Jounin has, excluding a variety of Daily Tasks from the rank of Genin.
  • Gain Sage Mode and learn Senjutsu after Exam is finished
  • Now able to do Grade S Missions and SS Training missions.
  • Buy weapons and items up to level 100.
  • Learn skills up to level 100.
  • Learn either Toad Sage Mode or Snake Sage Mode.


  • The Daily Task is still restricted to either completing 4 missions or recruiting 6 friends.
  • Ninja Tutors can no longer earn XP after reaching level 100.

Senior Ninja Tutor

Senior Ninja Tutor-0

Ninja Tutors can become Senior Ninja Tutors if the Exam is completed on Hard Mode within 30 Days after starting the first Stage of the Exam. The additional rewards for becoming a Senior Ninja Tutor are a Senior Ninja Tutor Outfit.

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