Ninja Spirit is a special currency in the iOS version of Ninja Saga, similar to the Magatama and TP but different. There are eight different colors of Ninja Spirits including:

  • Brown Spirit (buy for 5 Tokens)
  • Red Spirit (buy for 5 Tokens)
  • Yellow Spirit (buy for 10 Tokens)
  • Green Spirit (buy for 10 Tokens)
  • Purple Spirit (buy for 20 Tokens)
  • Black Spirit (buy for 20 Tokens)
  • Blue Spirit (buy for 30 Tokens)
  • White Spirit (buy for 50 Tokens)

Ninja Spirits can be obtained by completing missions or by buying them from Futoru Onko in the Advanced Jutsu Facility with Tokens. Ninja Spirits are used to upgrade skills in the Advanced Jutsu Facility, like Magatama are used to learn pet skills and forging weapons and TP are used to learn and upgrade Talent skills.

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