Ninja Ops
A Ninja Ops is a blue ninja that wears a blue Chinese hat. The Ninja Ops first appears in the Grade C Mission "Michi's Request".

In the Grade C Mission "Michi's Request", Ninja Ops ambush the main character while the character is delivering some medicine to a nearby town.

In the Grade C Mission "Find the Antidote", a group of Ninja Ops poisoned some Black Ops members with poisonous weapons and stole an antidote but the character got the antidote back.

During the Special Events mission "Secret of the Guardian scrolls", Ninja Ops ambushed the character while the character was delivering a letter to the Black Ops at the secret shrine.

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Special Events

Grade C Missions

Grade B Missions


  • (Frontflip kick): Deals damage.
  • (Shadow rush attack): Deals damage.

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