Mudo (むど)  is a Level 60, S-class criminal who appeared during the final of the Jounin Campaign along with his parter, Kyotaro. He specializes in many Ninjutsu elements. He is also a member of the Kagemusha.

During the final Jounin Exam, he and Kyotaro were after Yamata no Orochi. However, someone else [the main character] got to Yamata no Orochi before them so Mudo and Kyotaro attacked the main character since the character got in their way. After Yamata no Orochi was defeated by the main character, Kyotaro and Mudo escaped from the battle.

Appears in


Christmas 2012

  • Chapter 3: The Kagemusha


  • Lightning Release: Dark Quiet: Deals 300 damage and inflict Stun for 2 turns.
  • Fire Release: Sky Extinguishment: Deals 350 damage.
  • Wind Release: Air Confusion: Deals 115-120 damage.
  • Earth Release: Crystal Skin: Cast Reactive Force for 2 turns.
  • Light Fist: Deals 220 damage.

In Christmas 2012

  • Lightning: Wind Power: Speedy Lightning Armor: Cast Lightning Armor
  • Earth: Fire Lightning Power: Burning Metal War: Cast Fire Wall
  • Water: Lightning Power: Mist: Cast Breakthrought (using after lost a quarter of HP).
  • Wind: Fire Lightning Earth Power: Burst Storm: Reduce 10% HP target (after lost a half of HP).
  • Water release: Water Burst:

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  • His appearance looks similar to Kakuzu in Naruto, an akatsuki member who was also specializes in many Ninjutsu elements.
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