Mori Naruhisa
Mori Naruhisa (毛利 徳久 : Mo-ri Naru-hisa) is an old man and the captain of the Sensor Division, a group of sensory-type ninja who don't specialize in combat. He first appears in Stage 3-1 of the Special Jounin Campaign. He has the most powerful perception in the Fire Village, he is very strategic in many wars, and he is in charge of scouting trespassers from outside of the village.[1]

In Stage 3-2: Call For Backup, Mori and the Sensor Division setup a back line but were attacked by Vadar and the Butterfly Sage but the main character stopped the Butterfly Sage and saved him since Mori Naruhisa wasn't good at fighting in combat.

In Stage 5-2, Mori devise a plan to lure the enemies so that the Surprise Attack Division and the main character can take out the enemies however, only the Ninja Panda fell into the trap that Mori thought up.

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