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Stage 5-1: Medical Division
Medical Division (mission)
Type Special Jounin Campaign mission
Level 60
Emblem? No
Required Mission(s) Stage 4-1: Secret Training
Stage 4-2: Swords vs Ninjutsu



Kage finally discovers the man behind this attack. Also, there are lack of ninja in Medical Division. Kage wants you to help with them.


Heal injured ninjas.

  • Click on the corresponding first aid items in order to successfully heal a ninja.
  • Heal as many ninja until time runs out.
  • Time limit: 58 seconds each stage.
  • Heal at least 15 patients to pass each stage.
  • May pay 30 Tokens to heal all targets on screen at once.
  • 3 Stages
    • Stage 1: 1 or 2 first aid items to heal each ninja.
    • Stage 2: 2 or 3 first aid items to heal each ninja.
    • Stage 3: 3 or 4 first aid items to heal each ninja.

Possible Rewards



  • Yudai: "Did he really say that? He must be my cousin, Vadar. He was good at everything when he was little, I would say he has got more talent than me. And his dream was being a Kage in this village. However, he cannot be Kage because he is from the branch family.
    I understand his feeling, but there was nothing I could do. The only thing I could do is counseling."
  • Yudai: "After Kojima Event, I heard he was learning our Kinjutsu - Spirit Integration. Soon and after he left the village alone when I became Kage. I sent a couple of Jounin to find him, but we got back nothing. Is he coming back for revenge?"
  • Yudai: "Anyway, we must heal everyone before they come again. There is not enough Medic Ninja, can you go out and help them?
  • Ukita Hotaru: "Did Kage send you here? We have many people who are injured in here. Please heal them depending on their seriousness."


  • Ukita Hotaru: "Cheers! You helped us a lot in there. You are also a fast learner ! I guess there will be many injuries in the coming battle. Here is my special skill, it can heal you and teammates with a great amount of HP. Please remember, you are only allow to use it once since you are not powerful enough to master it."


  • Ukita Hotaru: "I can't imagine you are making things worse than before."


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