Maimi is a female character in the mobile version of Ninja Saga who was introduced in the 1.2.0 version update of the iOS along with the Pets Shop. She is the owner of the Pets Shop in the iOS version and she carries a cat. Maimi also appears in the Valentine's Day 2012 event (v1.2.0) and in the 1st Anniversary event (v1.2.9) of the iOS version.

In the Valentine's Day 2012 event, a group of pet bandits stole a legendary pet named Kumayoshi and Maimi wanted help to stop the pet bandits. Ishikawa, the Hunting House keeper who has a crush on Maimi, and the player helped Maimi to retrieve the legendary pet. Since Kumayoshi took a liking to the player, Maimi gave Kumayoshi to the player but since Kumayoshi was injured, Maimi asked the player to help Kumayoshi to recover using silver and golden roses and Ishikawa will assist the player.[1]

In the 1st Anniversary of the iOS version of Ninja Saga, she appeared in the event where the player can claim a free item everyday, dressed in a pink robe.

In the end of the last chapter of the Gobi Mission of Ancient Creatures, Kage Hattori Danzou told to the main characters to take the shrunken Gobi to Maimi to take care of it until it can be recovered. Then it could be treated as a pet.

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Valentine's Day 2012

Ancient Creatures: Gobi Mission


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  1. Valentine's Day 2012 mission "The legendary pet!"
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