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Lok Li (ロクリイ) appears in the third part of the Chunin Campaign as the first opponent. He specializes in Taijutsu only and he is known as the Taijutsu Master.[1]

He later re-appears in the Special Event mission "Friendly Match" and fought the main character again but in a practice match.

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Special Events


  • Assault Kick: Deals 70 damage and inflict Stun for 1 turn.
  • Eight Extremities! Opening!: Casts Eight Extremities! for 8 turns.
  • Normal Attack: Deals 23 damage.
  • Lok Li Combat Attack: Deals 25 damage 7 times but the user is stunned for 2 turns.



  • Lok Li is based on the Naruto character, Rock Lee. They both have similar names, they can only use Taijutsu, and Lok Li's previous clothing was the same as Rock Lee's and Might Guy's clothing: a green jumpsuit and orange leg warmers.
  • His current clothing is now a nod to Jackie Chen and a reference to [Chen] from Naruto.

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