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Critical! III (iOS)Critical! II (iOS)Critical! IV
Critical! IV (iOS)Critical! I (iOS)Critical Hit
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Dark Eye (talent skill)Dark Festival NinjatoDark Gedo Shuriken
Dark Iron Battle UmbrellaDark Iron Hook SickleDark Iron Knife
Dark Iron Rune BladeDark MoryoDark Plate Blade
Dark Plate Twin BladesDark Puppet SaiDark Red Stone Broadsword
Dark Ruby EdgeDark Soul KatanaDark War Edge
Dark World HammerDart KunaiData Battle Umbrella
Dawn of YamiDazzle WindmillDeadly Performance
Deadwood PipaDeath Skeleton ClawDeath Wooden Coffin
Decapitating SwordDecorate SaiDecorative Battle Umbrella
Decorative RopeDefend Fire VillageDefend Fire Village Chapter 1
Defend Fire Village Chapter 2Defend Fire Village Chapter 3Defense! Defense!
Demon Cat ClawDemon SongDemon Song: Phantom Wave
Demon Song: Song of FantasiaDemon Song (disambiguation)Demon Sound
Denmark 2012Dense Silver KunaiDesert Bandit
Desert KunaiDesert Master BladerDesert Thief
Destroy the Criminal AllianceDeva RealmDevil Bat Axe
Devil Lord SaiDevil Thorn SaiDinner Preparation
Disaster Medic KitDisciple of BloodDistrict 3 Scroll Seal
Divine Wind of OnmyousamuraiDodge ChanceDon't Die! We All Need You!
DorimaruDorsal Fin SwordDouble Balde Purple Sickle
Double Blade Chained KamaDouble Blade ClawDouble Corrugated Claw
Double Earth SmashDouble Fire ArrowsDouble Fireball
Double Moon CleaveDouble Water BurstDragon Crucifix Spear
Dragon FistDragon Grain BroadswordDragon Gunnery
Dragon KatanaDragon Pattern Chained KamaDragon Swirl Illusion
Dragon Tail KickDrum: AkoDual Blade of Fire
Dual Fire WaveDual Lightning BeamDual Lightning Impulse
Dual Lightning ShockDual Lightning SpearDual Lightning Strike
Dual Rock DumplingsDual TwisterDual Water Edge
Dual Water SphereDual Wind AssaultDual Wind Cutter
Dussehra FestivalEagle KnifeEagle Sky Kick
Earth ArmEarth Arm ComboEarth Blast
Earth BoulderEarth Dragon TurtleEarth Erosion
Earth FistEarth Fist ComboEarth Gan
Earth Genin EliteEarth MessengerEarth Palm
Earth Rock BoulderEarth SmashEarth Spear Assassination
Earth SpikeEarth SpinesEarth Strangle
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