Lightning Viper

Lv 83 Lightning Viper Boss

The Lightning Viper is a boss that appeared during the event: 2012 Halloween: Monsters from District 5. It requires an emblem to challenge this fierce boss. The Lightning Viper drops 6 Hunting Seal Scrolls (Limited Material from 2012 Halloween Event).


  • Lightning Lazer Beam: Shoots a lightning beam from mouth (Similar to Yamata No Orochi's Evil Fire). Inflicts Burn. *(First Burn does low damage per turn, second burn instantly takes all HP every turn)
  • Death Bundle: Summons a snake to strangle you. Inflicts Restriction for 2 turns.
  • Tail Thunder Strike: Shoots a lightning bolt from tail. Inflicts Blind.
  • Bite: Bites the target. Deals minor damage.
  • Giga Watt Smasher: Inflicts Stun for 3 turns. *(Used when around half HP is gone) Hits all members of your ninja squad.
  • Lightning Charge: Casts Concentration.


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