Lightning Traitors

Lightning Traitors 1

Lightning Traitors 2

Lightning Traitors 3

Type Rank C
Level 6
Rank Progression Star 1 5 wins
Star 2 11 wins
Required Mission(s) Suspicious Ninja
XP Gold
Star 1 108
Star 2 135
Star 3 162
Star 1 135
Star 2 169
Star 3 203
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Some lightning ninja traitors are attacking the villages around Shinobi.


Walk around, touch an item to collect, encounter enemies by touching an objective. May encounter random battles by moving around.


In all maps, the Lightning Village Ninja is always located in the south-east corner.

Pick-up items

Map size: 2 x 3


Random battles while walking, 1 main battle with 2 rounds

Random Battle 1 - 20 XP, 30 Gold, 0-2 Red Spirits, 0-4 Brown Spirits, 1 Chakra Scroll (S)

Lightning Village Genin Battle 1 - 25 XP, 35 Gold, 0-2 Red Spirits, 0-3 Brown Spirits


Chance to get

Star 1

  • x1 Chakra Scroll (S)
  • x1 Healing Scroll (S)
  • x3-4 Brown Spirits

Star 2

  • x1 Stamina Scroll (S)
  • x1 Chakra Scroll (S)
  • x1 Healing Scroll (S)
  • x3-4 Brown Spirits

Star 3

  • x1 Damage Scroll
  • x1 Chakra Scroll (S)
  • x1 Healing Scroll (S)
  • x3-4 Brown Spirits


Bandit Captain Smasher

  • Captain's Sword
  • Captain's Cap
  • Captain's Headscarf
  • Captain's Back item
  • Captain's Glove

Lightning Genin Rival

  • LGenin's Sword
  • LGenin's Mask
  • LGenin's Headscarf
  • LGenin's Belt
  • LGenin's Shoe



Before battling the Lightning Village Genin

  • [Primary character name]: "What?!"



  • Hattori Danzou: "Fine, I'll send someone else."



  • This is the first mission in which Red Spirits can be obtained during the mission by completing battles and the mission.
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