Kinta (キンタ)  (referred as Kenta (ケンタ)  from the Hanami Festival 2011 event) is a close friend of the main character who likes to gather rare flowers that are in the Mountains and give them to Aoi, his girlfriend. He is the brother of Yuna. Together with Aoi, there are known as the Ninja Couple. In the Daily Mission "The Promise," he asks the main character to accompany him to the mountains to get flowers since there are Mountain Bandits living there.

During the Hanami Festival 2011 event, Kinta is an S-rank World Boss along with Aoi and Irata, whose levels are the same as the player's character's level and use Wind and Fire element Kenjutsu.

Appears in

Special Missions

Daily Missions

Hanami Festival

  • Level 5+ Rank S world boss


  • Wind Kenjutsu: Empty Chop: Slash the enemy with a wind-enhanced katana. Deals damage.
  • Fire Kenjutsu: Red Banner: Slash the enemy with a fire-enhanced katana. Deals damage.
  • Empowered Slash: Slash the enemy with an empowered katana. Deals damage.
  • Banquet of Blue Lotus: Jumps and slash the enemy with a wind and fire-enhanced katana. Deals damage.
  • Kenjutsu Guideline: Cast Strengthen.
  • (Straight slash with katana): Deals damage.


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