Kinjutsu: Yatagarasu
Kinjutsu - Yatagarasu
Type Genjutsu Kinjutsu
Level 1
Chakra 200
Damage 0
Cooldown 14
Cost No price
Skill None
Training Time Can't learn from academy
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friends

(Kinjutsu) The first enemy who attack user after the buff will receive a random status, include stun, restrict, meridian seal and sleep. (3 turns)

Additional effect(s)

For 4 turns, if the user gets attacked: Inflict Stun, Restriction, Prison, or Sleep on the attacker for 2 turns.

Obtained by

Winning the Clan War Season 8 event in first place.

See also


  • In Japanese mythology, Yatagarasu (八咫烏, meaning "Eight-span Crow") is a raven or a Jungle crow that is analyzed as evidence of the will of Heaven.
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