Kinjutsu: Yama Great Fire Cannon
Kinjutsu - Yama Great Fire Cannon
Type Fire Kinjutsu
Level 60
Chakra 300
Damage 732
Cooldown 14
Cost 750 Tokens
Skill None
Training Time Instant
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend

Reduce 20% dodge rate (4 turns), increase 3 Wind Ninjutsu cooldown, reduce 8% HP on attack if the player is under 'Fire Phoenix Breath' status effect.

Additional effect(s)

Inflict Kinjutsu: Yama Great Fire Cannon on the target: The target's dodge rate decreases by 20% for 4 turns and the target's Wind Ninjutsu cooldown increases by 3 turns immediately. If the target is attacked by someone under the effect of Kinjutsu: Fire Phoenix Breath, the target's HP decreases by 8% HP from its total HP.


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