Kinjutsu: Time Distortion
Time Distortion
Type Genjutsu
Level 80
Chakra 200
Damage 0
Cooldown 12
Cost No Cost
Skill None
Training Time Can't train from Academy.
Training Time (Friend) Can't learn from friend.

(Kinjutsu) Distorts time and space to form a barrier. Immediately remove all negative status and temporarily delays the damage taken (up to 50% of user's max HP) and let user be immune to debuff status for 3 turns. User cannot heal or be healed after the skill expires for 2 turns. (This buff cannot be dispersed or purified).

Additional Effect(s)

Casts Defer on the user. Remove all negative status and immune the user from debuff status for 3 turns. User will also delay the damage taken until 50% of the user's HP but later inflicts Internal Injury after the skill expires for 2 turns.

Obtained By

Gaining 2,000,000 Reputations in Clan War Season 52


This skill have five major effect, crammed into one status called 'Defer'

  • Positive status: Debuff resist for 3 turns
  • Positive status: Can't be dispersed.
  • Positive status + Negative Status: Delay the total damage taken for 3 turns. Damage inflicted in those 3 turns will be reduced up to 50% of max HP. The reduced damage will be inflicted after those 3 turns. (Example : Suppose your max HP is 3000, then 50% of 3000 is 1500. If opponent inflicts 1000 damage, you receive 0 damage as 1000 damage is less than half HP, which is 1500. After the 3 turns, you will received the 1000 damage from earlier.
  • Negative status: Can't be purified.
  • Negative status: Inflict Internal Injury for 2 turns after the 3 turns end.
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